GREEN LITTLE FINGERS is a Swedish charity project started in 2015 with gardens as the central idea. Our goal is to help children and youths in need at schools, orphanages and similar institutions worldwide.

Concretely, it is about creating outdoor spaces for play, learning, rehabilitation, meetings, housekeeping and livelihood. The aim is to promote children’s mental and physical well-being – that by landscaping and cultivation get the children’s knowledge and confidence to grow. The projects is done in cooperation with other charity organizations, local authorities, and the involved institutions. Operations are financed through donations, fundraising and support from individuals, companies and organizations. This can be in the form of financial assistance or sponsorship of things like materials and transport.

Green Little Fingers was started by Elisabeth Lövgren and Marie Lindfors. Elisabeth Lövgren works professionally with garden design and landscaping. To get in touch, please use the contact information below.